Tap leak repair? You can do it yourself or call for a plumber.

Useful advice from a Singapore plumber. Sometimes a simple screw and a bit of hard work can solve the problem. However if you would still prefer to play it save, just call for a plumber to have the repair done. The cost of simple tap repair should not cost more than $70 according to the plumbers from www.24hrsingaporeplumber.com when i called them to check.

For Minor Leaks A minor faucet leak may seem to be nothing more than a bothersome sound, and you may procrastinate in calling a plumber for service. This type of faucet leak can create a slow, steady drip that persists throughout the day and nighttime hours. Because the water is not causing water damage or creating other problems in your home, you may ignore the problem for many days. However, this type of dripping leak has a tendency to become more pronounced over time. Furthermore, while the drips may be slow and steady, the amount of water waste can be significant over time, and this can inflate your water bill significantly. You may be able to correct this type of leak with ease on your own by simply tightening the screws on your faucet knobs with a screw driver. If this does not correct the problem, however, you should contact a plumber for immediate assistance to prevent the expense associated with wasted water.


7 of the World’s Deadliest Plants

7 of the World’s Deadliest Plants

“Throughout the centuries, individuals have learned through experimentation which plants are best to eat and which are best to maintain a distance from. In our present day, much of that cultural knowledge has been overlooked. Numerous plant specialists may be amazed to find that they are developing a percentage of the world’s deadliest plants in their own terraces.”

Photo b y http://www.britannica.com/

Photo b y http://www.britannica.com/

They may look harmless enough, but plants can harbor some of the most deadly poisons known. From the death of Socrates by poison hemlock to the accidental ingestion of deadly nightshade by children, poisonous plants have been responsible for human deaths throughout history. Get to know some of the most infamous plants and their poisons with this macabre list.

7. Water Hemlock (Cicuta maculata)

Closely related to poison hemlock (the plant that famously killed Socrates), water hemlock has been deemed “the most violently toxic plant in North America.” A large wildflower in the carrot family, water hemlock resembles Queen Anne’s lace and is sometimes confused with edible parsnips or celery. However, water hemlock is infused with deadly cicutoxin, especially in its roots, and will rapidly generate potentially fatal symptoms in anyone unlucky enough to eat it. Painful convulsions, abdominal cramps, nausea, and death are common, and those who survive are often afflicted with amnesia or lasting tremors.

6. Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna)

J. Fujishima/B.W. Halstead, World Life Research Institute

According to legend, Macbeth’s soldiers poisoned the invading Danes with wine made from the sweet fruit of deadly nightshade. Indeed, it is the sweetness of the berries that often lures children and unwitting adults to consume this lethal plant. A native of wooded or waste areas in central and southern Eurasia, deadly nightshade has dull green leaves and shiny black berries about the size of cherries. Nightshade contains atropine and scopolamine in its stems, leaves, berries, and roots, and causes paralysis in the involuntary muscles of the body, including the heart. Even physical contact with the leaves may cause skin irritation.

Saving Money Buying Home Appliances

Saving Money Buying Home Appliances

“Getting appliances for your house is amongst the top major expenditure in the household. Having said that, you don’t have to worry anymore because there are a lot suggestions and ideas that one can make use of when shopping for them to be able to save few cash. There are some suggestions that you might want to consider prior to buying any appliance or even other things for your own home just be sure you don’t sacrifice quality over the price.”
Photo by sm7tog.com

Photo by sm7tog.com

Home appliances are one of the most expensive units to purchase. The great aspect tends to be that you’ll find lots of points that you can try to avoid wasting money when shopping for them:

Look for discounts and annual sale

Discounts are common for just about any brand or manufacturers. There are particular season or month that they put their products on sale which is the same case with home appliances. Visit the store where these products are offered and check out if the item you are interested in is on sale. Don’t forget, try not to be lured to pick the items that aren’t important.

Reminder when you are buying discounted appliances, do not forget to check on their warranty information. Quality must be on your top priority hence examine for any defects and if possible test the product before purchasing them.

Shop at outlet stores

Outlet shopping is the best place for shopping where popular brands of appliances are offered within the reach of a normal consumer. You can also get here appliances that are no longer in the malls or already out of production yet are nevertheless in great condition.

The stores are also regarded of storing scratch and dent selections that are usually cost effective.

In addition to storing affordable products, these stores also tend to support their warranties; for that reason, you won’t have to bother about the quality of the products that you buy.

Outlet stores are often located faraway from popular shopping centers; therefore, it’s not difficult to find them.

Pay a visit local appliance stores

You might not be informed but most of the times, local appliance give you a much lower cost in comparison with large companies. These stores are often owned by small organization and families. Also, an additional advantage in them is that cater a very hands-on service. They are eager to answer your queries and provides services right away.

Do your shopping during the holidays

Most of the companies do provide special discounts and promotions on holiday seasons. Offers which are so rare therefore reap the benefits of it. If you need to purchase an appliances, try to wait and save up for the holidays so you could get the most out of you hard earned money.

It is possible to look and search on magazines, internet and newspaper for additional info on those companies that are offering discounts. It simply takes a little persistence to get your money’s worth.

These are the tips that you should look at when buying home appliances. Although, you could be focused on spending less, you must make sure that goods you buy are of top quality. This means you should avoid purchasing knock offs.To ensure that the products are of high quality, it is best to only buy products from dependable brands.It’s also wise to ensure you obtain energy efficient appliances. For the reason that these appliances have low operational costs as a result save you a lot of cash.

15 Easy Ways to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready For Summer

15 Easy Ways to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready For Summer

“It’s a great opportunity to begin speculating about summer when the days are extending and the evenings are warmer. From white window ornaments surging in the breeze, sleeping porches, shell collections and wildflowers to fresh juice in the morning and nautical stripes, certain things simply made to be a piece of your summer activity.”

Photo by http://porch.com/

Photo by http://porch.com/

Is your outdoor living space in need of a makeover? Do you look at your patio and cringe every time you dream of inviting your friends over for a backyard barbecue?

Whether you live in the city and have a small outdoor living space, or you live in the countryside and have a wide open meadow to work with, there are simple solutions for turning that drab outdoor area into a fabulous spot for your family and friends to enjoy. With these fifteen simple ways to dress up your outdoor living space, you’ll be able to call your girls over for cocktails on the deck by next weekend!

1. Lighting

The easiest way to dress up your outdoor living space and still make a big impact is with lighting. There are many options to choose from depending on your space and your style. String lights work really well for small patios, but look great in any outdoor space.

 2. Seating

The right seating for your outdoor living space can make all the difference. Big spaces can handle the bulk look of a farmhouse table, a custom built bench or an outdoor sectional. In smaller spaces, try brightly colored wicker chairs, or a small bench with bright throw pillows to help make the space feel more open.

3. Pergola

Adding a pergola to your outdoor living space can help define your patio and “hangout zone” from the rest of your backyard. It can lend your space more privacy, shade, and shelter.

Read more: http://porch.com/advice/15-easy-ways-to-get-your-outdoor-living-space-ready-for-summer/

Children are Magic: A Lesson on Loving Unconditionally

Children are Magic: A Lesson on Loving Unconditionally

“Unconditional love isn’t exactly what we feel. It’s what the object of our adoration feels: love without strings attached. That implies our kid doesn’t need to be anything specifically to win our affection. We cherish him/her precisely as she seems to be.”


Photo by http://www.elephantjournal.com/

Children teach magic.

They are masters in joy, forgiveness and an unabashed belief in good. But perhaps more precisely children are magic.

If you’ve ever really played with a child—I mean get-down-on-the-floor, let-yourself-imagine and sing-off-key play—you know this. The kind of play where you lose the boundaries of space, time and rules, and burst into giggle fits. Maybe you mooed like a cow, played tag until you couldn’t breathe, or told a story that took the two of you away in wonder.

That’s magic.

That is transcendence.

In my mind-blowing privilege of playing with children every day, I attest that children are teachers in every breath.

Their souls sparkle with bright and wise messages. They teach us to be present. They teach us to allow in love and expel great joy. They help us abandon judgment. Most importantly, they consistently offer the startling and simplest solution—love.

I have many examples of what I mean, but I’ll start with my favorite. After both of my cats took two traumatic trips to the vet, my home became an unhappy place. There were cones of shame and pain, and medications and stress spilling out all over the place.

Is sitting with your legs crossed actually bad for you?

Is sitting with your legs crossed actually bad for you?

“A few studies in the past have guaranteed that sitting with your legs crossed can be hurtful to your wellbeing — from raising your circulatory strain and bringing about varicose veins to udisrupting blood dissemination in your legs. In any case, while there may be a few truths in these cases, it’s conceivable that sitting with crossed legs isn’t going to harm you.”

Photo by http://www.foxnews.com/

Photo by http://www.foxnews.com/

If you sit with your legs crossed on a regular basis, it might be time to stop feeling so guilty about it. While there are a few specific exceptions, crossing one’s legs at the knee or the ankle doesn’t appear to be as bad for our health as some experts have said.

Analyzing studies that have looked for links to varicose veins, nerve damage, and elevated blood pressure, the BBC reports that the science shows “you’re unlikely to do yourself any damage, provided you don’t stay in the same position until your legs are numb.” First, sitting in one position for many hours without moving can lead to a condition known as “peroneal nerve palsy,” but this is true for any pose.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/10/19/is-sitting-with-your-legs-crossed-actually-bad-for0.html?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_736300

3 easy rug hacks you’ll wanna try

3 easy rug hacks you’ll wanna try

“Having rugs in your home can have various effect to the appearance and over all look of your home. Individuals who never considered keeping rugs in their home can’t understand the significance, elegance and distinction in the general living and impression that it will impart.They include shading and aesthetic expression, whether you need it to be mellow or wild! What’s more, rugs absolutely characterize the mood or character of a room.”

Photo by http://www.thesnug.com/

Photo by http://www.thesnug.com/

Rugs are an important part of apartment living. They provide sound insulation to keep your downstairs neighbors from wanting to harm you and add a bit of warmth underfoot. Not to mention, they’re an easy way to add a shot of style to any small space. Here are 3 random rug-related hacks you’ll wanna try.

1. Get a grip with caulk strips

Make your home a little safer by custom slip-proofing troublesome rugs with a bead of caulk every 6 inches down the length of the underside of the thing, VIA The 2 Seasons.

Photo by http://www.thesnug.com/

Photo by http://www.thesnug.com/








2. Work rope lights into a crochet rug

Hey crocheters! This one is for you! Crochet around an LED rope light to create a home decor accent that doubles as a night light! VIA imu designs.

Pointers from The WonderHowTo comment rails regarding this project:

…Just find a pattern for spiral crochet and do this around the LED strand. First round is without the light, and in the second round you start working around the lightstrand. You might like to make some t-shirt yarn for this, and use a HUGE crochet hook.

All you need is sturdy rope yarn, aprox size N hook, and a generic spiral pattern, like the top of a hat. Its done in single crochet around in the picture

Photo by http://www.thesnug.com/

Photo by http://www.thesnug.com/











Read more: http://www.thesnug.com/3-easy-rug-hacks-youll-wanna-try-1149480932.html?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_540666


How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

“Bedroom arrangement in feng shui grasp the essential capacity of your room, which is to serve such exercises as rest, unwinding and sex. Feng shui standards join the right components and furniture situation to upgrade your general wellbeing and prosperity. These standards guarantee the continued flow of chi energy through the equalization of yin (female) and yang (male) energies.”

Photo by http://fengshui.about.com/

Photo by http://fengshui.about.com/

A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that invites you, lures you in, excites and calms at the same time. A good  feng shui  bedroom is fun and pleasurable to be in, either you are there for a quick nap, a good night sleep or to make passionate love! To create a good feng shui bedroom, you can use a variety of simple, practical feng shui tools, such as these 7 basic feng shui tips.

Tip # 1Let go of the TV, computer or exercise equipment in your bedroom.

The good feng shui energy in your bedroom is destroyed when these items are present in your bedroom. In addition to creating high EMFs (dangerous for your health), they also bring the energy of work, stress, and are mainly distraction and bad news for a good relationship (with yourself or your loved one).

Tip # 2Open the windows often or use a good quality air-purifier to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen.

Be mindful of the quality of air in your bedroom. You cannot have good feng shui in your bedroom if the air you breathe in is stale and full of pollutants. Please note, though that plants in the bedroom are not good feng shui, unless your bedroom is fairly large and the plants are located far from the bed.

Essential oils can also help you purify the air in your  bedroom, but be sure to choose actual essential oils (they have healing properties) vs fragrance oils (which are toxic).

Read more: http://fengshui.about.com/od/Bedroom-Feng-Shui/ss/How-To-Feng-Shui-Your-Bedroom.htm?utm_source=zergnet&utm_medium=tcg&utm_campaign=zergnet-test-566677#step3

Finding a Locksmith?

Finding a Locksmith?

“Locksmith services include a few terms in supporting a domain to be as protected and as secure as ever for everybody. It’s suppliers have comparative things, for instance is offering services to the clients day in and day out. This focuses out that you can really have your broken lock altered without doing it alone.It is constantly better to simply call a locksmith to take care of the issue than attempting of yours to do the settling all alone. You can likewise have your old keys replaced with your new keys alongside this.”

Photo by swiftlocksmiths.co.uk

Photo by swiftlocksmiths.co.uk

Every single house, business, school and any other facility install security locks in order that the property and the individuals inside are secured from people with ill motives. With effective locks and security system, you can feel protection and security even if they are not around particularly for the families. Today, you could find various lock technology that is being improved overtime to satisfy the people’s requirement.

Individuals who set up locks are known as locksmiths. They have an important role in helping secure properties and houses. They propose the correct types of locks for several purposes and structures. In addition they can duplicate keys and fix locks. Some locksmiths will be able to program the modern keys that are available nowadays.

The lock system that they may install might be the standard locks, remote entry systems, biometric locks , card lock system, numeric code lock and many more. Dependent on your financial budget and placement, the locksmith can surely suggest the best choice for you.

Some locksmiths also can gain access into locked cars because they can open the deadbolts using their tools. Folks who get locked out of their homes or cars accidentally can call for these people to help them. Some locksmiths offer service 24/7 to ensure people can get back to the safety of their homes any time of the day. They could cut or duplicate keys immediately when necessary.

Should you have very expensive jewelries, crucial records, collector’s item coins or any other valuables, you can request a locksmith to provide you with a safe or vault appropriate for them. A locksmith can mount these safes and also crack them if you ever overlook the code or combination! If you’ve got bigger valuables, an in-home vault is also a security solution.

Commercial buildings are certainly not free from safety. In fact, occasionally the security necessary can be more intricate dependant on the number of persons utilizing the building and the instances when it is being used. Security and safety of persons working and coming in and leaving the building is vital. Documents and business matters need to be protected not only from burglars but rivals too.

Naturally a few would ask, what happens should the locksmith just isn’t trustworthy? Certainly there could be instances where you can find devious people in any field. That’s why it is important to confirm the reputation of the locksmith you are likely to employ. Ask around for recommendations or search on the internet for businesses that guarantee their work.

Things To Know Before Buying a Countertop For Your Kitchen

Things To Know Before Buying a Countertop For Your Kitchen

“The kitchen is where you cook, entertain guests and unwind—and your countertops must reflect this. These hardworking surfaces must suit your space, complement your style and meet your needs. These persevering surfaces must suit your space, supplement your style and address your needs. Today’s coutnertops choices are more varried and energizing than any other time ever.”

Photo by www.floornmore.com

Photo by www.floornmore.com

The kitchen could in no way function effectively without a countertop. Countertops are essential facets of kitchen to make food preparation and cooking quicker. Your kitchen countertops can create a big difference to your kitchen. And along with the number of kitchen countertops available these days it is possible to find a thing that suits your preferences that also complements the other decorations in the room.

Acquiring kitchen countertops is often a challenging and costly task, so you have to make certain that what you will be setting up will last you a reasonable length of time. Here are just 5 common countertops these days.

1. Laminate countertops

Such countertops have been in demand as it can replicate the types of marble, granite, wood or stone countertops. This is the best option to decide for anyone who is on a strict budget. With laminate, you can have top quality countertops without having to sacrifice the appearance of your kitchen. It’s also simpler to maintain in comparison to other materials. Additionally, if you plan to remodel the kitchen in the future, you can change this one easily for a better and a more costly material.

2. Natural Stone Countertops

An even more pricey alternative for countertops would be the natural stones. Stones like quartz, granite, marble bring class and elegance to the kitchen plus there is an unlimited color variety available to match your kitchen style. They withstand heat, and as long as they are correctly set up, they could last a lifetime.

3. Tile Countertops

The tile itself doesn’t burn up, scorch, or cut with normal wear. There is a huge selection of colors, designs and because it is a hand installed product, you can get as fancy or as plain as you prefer.

There are several types of tiles that are made into countertops. Some of them are porcelain, ceramic and stone. Every one of them has distinct qualities, which gives different features and comfort level.

4. Wood Countertops

Wood is a superb material for adding warmth to a kitchen. It comes in different patterns and colors and it is flexible enough to match a modern kitchen or a country-themed one. A few examples of hardwood used in kitchen countertops are oak, walnut, cherry, teak, mahogany, pecan, hard maple, and others.

Due to the fact wood is permeable, there are more areas for bacterias to be exposed to. Therefore, it should be cleaned at all times. Additionally it is vulnerable to burns, stains and scratches. However the good thing about them is they may be refinished should they look worn out. It’s easy to regain their old appearance.

5. Stainless Countertops

Stainless countertops are a good option for any kitchen countertop. It truly is popular to cafes and company given that they find stainless effortless to clean with a modern looks. Many owners who wanted to have a modern and low maintenance countertops invested on such. Even though quite resistant, the stainless steel countertop can be damaged.

Certainly, there are lots of kitchen countertops now available in the market. You simply need to keep in mind that each material has different features. Understand your requirement and budget to make the correct determination. 

Can You Afford To Be A Stay-At-Home Parent?

Can You Afford To Be A Stay-At-Home Parent?

“Financial situation in every family is distinctive, whether you can be a stay-at-home-guardian relies on upon whether you can make due on your partner’s compensation alone. Just including your month to month outgoings and subtracting them from your partner’s salary may demonstrate that you can’t bear to surrender work. Along these lines, in case you’re battling with the choice to stay at home or not, consider it precisely.”

Photo by http://www.forbes.com/

Photo by http://www.forbes.com/

The first time Sheryl Sandberg’s infant son reached for his caregiver instead of her, “it hurt like hell,” recalls the Facebook COO in her 2013 book Lean In. Most working parents can relate to that moment. There’s no escaping the push-pull between parenthood and career when you drop your children off at day care or leave them home with a sitter and head off to work for the day.

On the one hand, there’s the desire to be there when they take their first steps or speak their first words; on the other, there’s the satisfaction and income you derive from your career. Mothers and, to an increasing degree, fathers must consider whether or not to stay at home with their children—a choice that can be difficult and very personal.

Beyond the immediate concern of living on just one income are broader concerns, such as: How would a career break affect our family’s long-term financial security? What about our ability to save for our children’s education—or our own retirement? Will I lose career momentum if I take a few years off?

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/merrilllynch/2015/11/03/can-you-afford-to-be-a-stay-at-home-parent/?strref=http:%2F%2Fwww.forbes.com