10 eco-friendly bedroom ideas

If you think that you can only be eco-friendly with the lights you use or the energy you consume for a specific activity, then you are definitely wrong. Being eco-friendly does not stop there. There are actually other ways that you haven’t thought that actually helps preserve the environment.

Designer bedroom with wood from well managed forest, low impact and low emission finishing. Pic: www.mazzaliarmadi.it

(c) http://www.greenfudge.org

Here are 10 helpful ideas for greening your bedroom:

  • Use environmentally friendly paint that is low in toxic dyes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Buy sheets and blankets made from organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. You could even buy second -hand sheets from a thrift store or charity shop. Some are like new!
  • Install a ceiling fan instead of air-conditioning to cool your room.


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