10 Fantastic Ideas for Disney-Inspired Children’s Rooms

Disney cartoon characters indeed became a part of our childhood. Even on our new generation, Disney is still making influences to kids, be it boy or girl. We may have some frustrations before on some toys or other things but we always make sure that our kids won’t experience the same. So why not be their fairy Godmother and grant their wish to have a Disney inspired bedroom.


In the Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Tiki Room

A Disney room doesn’t need to be inspired by one of their films; this great Tiki Room designed by HGTV Design Star winner David Bromstad is proof of that. In fact, it’s this room that landed the designer a spot on the reality competition. Unfortunately, animatronic birds aren’t included in the design.

Of course his Finding Nemo room, designed while he was on the program, isn’t too bad either –especially considering the small budget and time allotment he was given to complete the project.

Under the Sea

When it comes to making Disney-themed rooms, the experts at HGTV certainly know what they’re doing. Here is their take on a dream Finding Nemo bedroom. Between the Dory and Marlin mural, the clear glass ornament “bubbles,” the surfboard desk and the giant Crush bed, it’s easy to feel like you just slipped under the waves of an enchanted ocean.


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