25 New, Fun and Easy Easter Egg Ideas

I know that it might be a little too early yet to prepare such but Easter eggs decorating are just something to look forward to especially for your kids. Well, how about practicing and figuring out your Easter eggs decoration this weekend?

1. Blooming Branches Easter Eggs

darby smart blooming branches

Photo from http://www.allyou.com

MATERIALS: Clear gel adhesive or hot-glue gun, pleastic eggs, yarn, metallic marker, sequins


1. Split the egg in half. Apply a dab of glue to the base of the egg and place end of yarn on top of glue. Hold until secure. Apply more glue, then wrap yarn around egg. When you approach the egg’s lip, snap the two halves together. Dab glue on second half of egg and continue wrapping. Cut yarn and glue end.

2. Draw branches with marker. Glue sequins to branches.


2. Thumbtack Easter Eggs

thumbtack easter eggs

Photo from http://www.allyou.com

MATERIALS: Styrofoam eggs, thumbtacks (or fasteners) in gold or silver


1. Start at top (narrow end) of egg. Working down toward egg’s base, insert a row of tacks or fasteners into the foam, overlapping tacks slightly. When you reach the bottom of egg, continue up the other side.

2. Working in rows, fill in remainder of egg with tacks.


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