7 Funny Multi-function Appliances For The Tiny Kitchen

 I know, we all love combining things to save space. Have it ever cross your mind to combine appliances just to free up your kitchen space? I know this is one of the wishes of homeowners who are living in a home with limited space. Well, someone must have heard your prayers because these multi-function appliances are available in the market now. But wait, is it really going to work?

Microwave with toaster


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We all love the microwave and the toaster, and most of us have both appliances in our kitchen. Guess that’s why LG thought: “Why not combine these in one machine” and invented this combined microwave and toaster.

Toaster with radio


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Another electronic device that works double duty. Radio and toaster makes a bit more sense than a combined microwave and toaster, but it’s still not something most of us dream about.

3-in-1 breakfast machine


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Sometimes double duty just isn’t enough, why not go tripple-duty? Just check out this Japanese 3-in-1 breakfast machine. It’s a  a coffee machine with a mini oven …and a pan!


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