9 Organizing Solutions for Kids’ Closets

Keeping your kid’s closet is not an easy task as they tend to just pull out anything the can grab in the closet.  You can keep maintain it in an organize way if you will assist them every now and then but that wouldn’t be advisable.  It is easy to organize but there are certain techniques that will help you maintain it that way. Also, try to train them as early as possible so that they’ll be more responsible of their own things.


1. Introduce Order

Floor-level space and top shelves can hold canvas boxes and bins for out-of-season clothing and shoes. Keep totes and backpacks out of the way but within reach on a low shelf. To ensure that no space is wasted, you can even install a shelf above lower hanging rods to hold trays for scarves and gloves.

Introduce Order

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2. Add Color, End Chaos

Give a toy shelf an ombre effect by painting wooden crates in several shades of the same color and then filling them with toys and other loose items.

Add Color, End Chaos

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2. Put It in a Pouch

These DIY drawstring pouches are a fun project kids can help with, and ideal for storing out-of-season clothing and accessories and minimizing closet messes.

Put It in a Pouch

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