Home Security Essentials: Master Key


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Master keyed lock systems to illustrate, are combination of locks all of which are separately used with their pass keys and within one another by a particular master key. These are cut to suit into a collection of different locks, while each lock accepts only the master and the change keys that were cut to open this specific lock. The most typical type of lock is called a pin and tumbler lock. These locks have small pins that vary in size and are also split up into pairs. However, if locks are outfitted to support master keys, they’ll consist of a third pin that sits between a few of the pins in the pair that function with the change key. They consist of a spacer that will fit into the space occupied by the third pins that allows only the master keys to turn this locking mechanism to turn and unlock the door. But this kind of locking system has its own benefits and drawbacks too.

•    Benefits of Having a Master Key

The main advantage of getting a master key is that you are able to gain access to the different units of your building with the same key. This will be significant should there be a serious event. As an example, if there’s a fire break out. The keys can also be significant when you wish gain access to many rooms in a building in order to fix a huge electrical or plumbing mishap. If you’re a company owner, getting the system means that you can give managerial roles to various people. For example, you could give the main key to the store manager and then give the sub-keys to individuals down the hierarchy to be able to have access to the different rooms in the building.

•    Disadvantages of a Master Key

When one key is present that opens every door on the property, there’s a great responsibility to keep that secure. Any property with a Master System need to have a well-organized key tracking system in place and the master key well-guarded. There’d be a security issue when wrong hands got the key. This means that they will easily have an accessibility to the entire premise and it will be easier for them to accomplish their ill intentions. This means you must change your locks or in a worst case scenario, you may have to call emergency services to break into a premises, if an individual inside is in danger and you can’t wait around for your own locksmith.