How Not To Embarrass People Who Use Your Bathroom

I guess we all have heard some stories of bathroom disasters that either just too gross or too embarrassing. Well you wouldn’t want your home to be the talk of the town right? To save yourself from these bathroom mishaps, check out these tips.


Faith & Mike’s Master Bathroom

Everybody who is human has an embarrassing bathroom incident. Take pity on your guests, and make sure that theirs doesn’t happen on your watch, in your home.

1. Have Lots of Toilet Paper Back Up: If you’ve ever had to call out a request for more toilet paper from inside the bathroom, you know that it’s not high on your list of pleasurable experiences — especially if you don’t know your host well. It isn’t as bad as, say, getting locking outside the house while naked, but it’s still not too much fun.

2. Have Citrus Spray or Matches Handy: Maxwell already broached the topic of Hydrogen Sulphide, so I won’t say much more or provide a true life story. Just know this is one of the most basic things you can do, and is always appreciated.

3. Hide Anything You Don’t Want Them to See: This is for your own good, as well as theirs. You don’t want to be having a conversation with someone, knowing the whole time that they are thinking, “I’ve seen your pregnancy test sticks.”

4. Clean and Especially “Boy Clean” Your Bathroom: Sometimes the ladies who don’t live with boys forget that stuff winds up underneath the toilet seat. If you do a quick wipe down, remember that …


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