How to Recycle Items Into Home Decor

Home decorations don’t need to be expensive! At home, I always make sure that I keep empty bottles of almost everything because if I might get to use them for some other things. Those with unique shapes and designs, I transformed them vases, flower pots, bottle lights and etc. Actually there a lot junk items at home that you can turn into an amazing home décor. Remember, your only limit is your imagination.


Recycle Items Into Home Decor Step 1.jpg

Make throw pillows from old t-shirts and sweaters. Throw pillows make the couch more comfortable and welcoming. It is also a chic look to have many pillows of different size and shape on your bed or couch. Store-bought pillows can be kind of expensive, so creating a pillow from one of your old t-shirts or sweaters is a great crafting project to try.

  • Pick your fabric. Sweaters are soft and comfortable, and tend to have great textures and prints. T-shirts are a fun idea, as well, because they can be a good conversation starter and they can make a room more personable. Which ever fabric you choose make sure that you really want to cut into it. There’s nothing worse than saying “actually, I still wear that!” Tip: try working with a material that won’t give you much trouble for your first pillow, like a cotton t-shirt.
  • Trace out the area that you want to make into the pillow (remember, you aren’t limited to a square shape, however, this maybe the easier route to go for beginners). You can cut out two separate squares or keep the sides of the shirt connected, this all depends on the style you want in the end.

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