How To Take Care of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are not your usual tree in the yard. Their condition is delicate and they must be taken care properly making sure that they will grow healthy. Here are some ideas to properly care for your own bonsai tree.

The Leaves On Your Bonsai Tree – Depending on whether you Bonsai tree are deciduous or not determines if it need to normally shred its leaves during autumn and the cold months. Clearly, if your Bonsai tree is an evergreen then it should have leaves all year round. In case you are worried take a look at the color of the leaves. Normally, when they are yellow in appearance and brittle to the touch this signifies deficiencies in water.


Watering Your Bonsai Tree – Routine watering is a way to ensure your tree stays alive. Since the roots of the bonsai are cut, there is less mass to accomplish the task of taking up water to feed the tree. You may not need to water every day, but you should make a daily checkup of the moisture content of the soil in your bonsai pot. An easy method to keep a check up on the level of moisture in your pot would be to poke the soil with a small tool such as toothpick. It might be dry on the surface of the pot but still come with dampness round the roots.

Bonsai Tree Pot Or Container – This happens to be an important component of bonsai tree-care and is really a must. Bonsai are typically repotted and root-pored around springtime right before they break dormancy. Bonsai are usually repotted every 2 yrs. while in growth, and less often as they become more mature. This prevents them from becoming pot-bound and motivates the growth of new feeder roots, allowing the tree to take in moisture more efficiently.

Pruning Your Bonsai Tree – Proper pruning is yet another critical facet of caring for bonsai trees. This ensures that the bonsai plant remains in good shape and the growth is balanced enough to keep the plant in the boundaries of the bonsai container. Pinching is yet another way of trimming your bonsai plant; some species require continual pinching to make sure they’re in ideal shape or keep your tree looking like a miniature. Be aware that the bonsai needs some of its new growth to live, so don’t cut all of the new growths

What you must fully grasp about growing bonsai trees is that it is just not an exact science. It’s an art and even the top bonsai masters make some mistakes and produce less than perfect bonsai plants. It’s true that it’s more than possible you could kill a tree too if you are over watering, over pruning or picking the incorrect plant for your home climate.