ILY, TTYL (I Love You, Talk to You Later)

“I have heard a lot of stories of broken relationships and marriages because of social media. There are those that are caught having an affair or one doesn’t just agree to his/her partner’s posts. Though social media is a great tool in interacting and connecting with people, people must also be responsible in using it. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your SNS accounts but use it instead to spice up the relationship more.”

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A. Slip in appreciative comments in your status updates

Even if at times, you feel underappreciated, take the initiative to show your spouse that you’ve noticed the kind things he or she has done for you. Squeeze in some time to drop a comment or two such as “This week could have been a grueling one, if not for my loving wife/husband who’s my number one cheerleader!” It would be tough for any spouse to remain unmoved by such sweet gestures of affirmation.

B. Celebrate special days with public declarations of love

When celebrating wedding anniversaries and birthdays with your spouse, express your love for your spouse through short recollections of memories shared which you hold dear to your heart or post a treasured photo that helps the both of you reminisce your love story fondly.

Send some love through a private message

If online public displays of affection are really not something you are comfortable with, you might want to surprise your spouse with a private message every now and then. It could be a flirtatious message detailing promises of an intimate evening together …


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