Plumbing Tips for Drain Cleaning

“Sometimes, the quickest solutions to our common issues are just within our reach, most commonly in our kitchen area.  The ingredients that we put to our food could also be your rescue when it comes to clogged drains. Confusing isn’t it? To figure out what I’m talking about, read this.”


Plumbing systems in every home develop clogs and there is no way to steer clear of this. Without proper knowledge, cleaning a drain in your home can be an aggravating experience. If your drains tend to get clogged, whether it is your sink, floor, or bathroom drain, there are simple steps you can take to rid yourself of these clogs without having to call in your local plumber. Read these tips to keep your drains free of clogs and keep draining water properly.

Tip 1: First try using the typical home remedy, the plunger, with cleaning any clogged drain or toilet. An inexpensive tool, a majority of minor drain clogs can be cleared out with some instant plunger action.

Tip 2: Pour a brine solution (or very strong salt water) down any sink to eliminate odors. It is good for kitchen sinks because it keeps grease from building up in the drains after cleaning dishes …