Safety Considerations When Buying Children’s & Baby Furniture

Safety is the top priority when you buy furniture for your home. Design, appeal or etc. must not be the deciding factor when you buy one especially when it’s for your kids or for your new nursery.  Take into considerations these factors when you are planning to buy some.

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Most parents believe that the crib is one place where they can leave their baby unattended for short periods of time without worry. However, if you buy an unsafe crib, you are putting your baby at risk for serious injury.

The most common injuries include falls, and getting body parts stuck between the bars. Be sure that your baby’s crib meets all of these requirements:

  •  Slats, spindles, corner posts and rods must be less than 2 3/8 inches apart at all points with no loose slats.
  • The crib should have metal mattress supports, as they are stronger than wood supports, which is important for withstanding a jumping toddler. Make sure the supports are not    plastic.
  •  The crib must be sturdy, not wobbly, when you try to shake it.

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