Security Tips: Burglary Prevention on Holidays

“With all the accents, food, gift giving, get together and all the common scenery, who would not be thrilled in the holiday seasons? However people don’t think about the other people that look at the holidays as the prime time to steal. To start with, the amount of burglaries rises because it is darker for a longer period of time in the winter, so there is more time where criminals are under the cover of darkness. Furthermore, all of the gifts that are purchased at this time of the year are simply amazing to thieves.”

One way criminals are finding their victims nowadays is by scouring social media websites. They watch out for people posting statuses that tell the world that their house is gonna be unoccupied for a lengthy period of time. Since a number of people would post that they’ll be out for a vacation or something relevant to getting away from home for a while, robbers who are just stalking people will turn this as opportunity to achieve their wicked plans.

Furthermore, when individuals post images of their newest acquisitions or any costly things in their home will give an idea to criminals what to look for in the house after they break in. Once the property owners are away, they will have all the time to search and obtain those costly and precious items, therefore be careful of what you post. If possible, be as low profile and post vacation images when you’re already at home.

Another way individuals become victims over the holidays is by giving away their cash to bogus charities. Unscrupulous people benefit from the giving nature of the holiday seasons by coming up with sympathetic-sounding organizations which tug at the heartstrings of generous people. It may be tricky to know the difference between the genuine from bogus one since many will show signed papers along with other paraphernalia to make things credible therefore it is very important that you scrutinize these people before giving any amount.

Listed below are other strategies that you need to observe on holiday seasons;

Set up a home security system. Home security is the good investment because it can help you stop or catch criminals.

• Verify the organization or charity’s track record before you decide to give any amount.

• Make sure that your house doesn’t appear to be abandoned and have your neighbors to check on it every now and then in case you are out.

• Avoid showcasing presents or any important devices near windows.

• Dispose properly your gift wrappers or boxes to ensure burglars will not have any idea on your new stuff

Holiday season is definitely the most awaited time of the year. Never let someone spoil this special season thus always be on guard and alert. Make the security and safety a priority in the home.