Victorian Interior Design – Characteristics And History

Victorian Interior Design – Characteristics And History

Sharing with you one of my favorite interior designs aside from contemporary — the Victorian. When we talk about this type of interior design what comes to our mind is grand, classic, expensive and sophisticated. So if you want to decorate your home in the Victorian style but  don’t know where to start, well learn some helpful tips from this article.

Owning a period Victorian home is many buyers’ idea of a dream until the sale is completed and they realize that it isn’t just the features that are antique, it’s the roof, windows and wiring too!

Remodeling a Victorian home isn’t as easy as it sounds and requires some serious finance and time input, not to mention the challenge of negotiating with various historical and preservation societies.

Nevertheless, it is definitely a project that is worth exploring for those with the energy and money to spend.

For those of us that would love a period home but without the extra effort, in this article we look at ways to blend the splendor of the Victorian design characteristics into our modern living environment.

Victorian interior design history

During the Industrial Revolution, the middle classes were able to increase their prosperity and for the first time invest in the decor and design of their homes. The period between 1837 and 1901, the reign of Queen Victoria, saw the cheap mass-production of countless household items, making them accessible to people who could never have afforded them before.

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