The 10 most common types of homes thieves target

“Is your home one of them? If yes, then maybe its time for you to set up a home security security or tighten the security of the house so that the burglars could not make you the next target.¬†With numbers like these, it’s always a good idea to take precautions. Burglaries and property theft are more common in lower-income, metropolitan areas. But even if you don’t live downtown, you can still be a target for home property theft. Home security systems are a great start to protecting your home and family from intruders.”

Home break in

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Did you know that less than 15 percent of home thieves are ever caught? Scary statistic. Want to know what you’re doing to encourage home burglary? So did we.

1. Houses near common offenders
If you live near a large population of young people, in a neighborhood with a higher-than-average drug problem, an area with already high urban crime or places that bring in a large number of strangers (e.g., shopping centers, sports arenas, transit stations, a major thoroughfare), you’re more vulnerable to burglary, because burglars may be more familiar with potential targets, and residents are accustomed to strangers.

2. Low-traffic areas
Homes on the outskirts of neighborhoods are more vulnerable, because fewer neighbors will be able to see if a crime is being committed. This includes dead-end streets, cul-de-sacs and locations with few outlets. Any house that’s secluded may also be a target.

Corner homes are iffy. They allow thieves to scope the area (including your habits) easily by simply driving by and naturally slowing or stopping for a turn. Depending on your neighborhood’s layout, they may also be less visible to neighbors and police.

3. Previously burglarized homes or homes near one
If you’ve already been burglarized, chances are, another thief will find you equally as vulnerable as the first one did. Additionally, the original thief may come back if he wasn’t caught the first time. If he doesn’t come back for you, he may come back to your neighbors, because he considers it a successful area.

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