Top 20 Ways to Recycle After the Holidays with Crafting

“Christmas is as season of celebrations. However, this celebration also comes with a price. I mean price not as reward but price meaning consequence.  The parties and celebration leave us with a pile of trash that aren’t just too environmental friendly. If you want to minimize them, learn how to recycle and make these trashes into a useful craft.”

Wrapping Paper
Instead of tossing wrapping paper torn from gifts this Christmas, recycle the paper into something new. Even small paper scraps and crumpled balls can be used to make homemade paper.  Use the homemade paper to send thank you cards for gifts or save for occasions throughout the year.  You can use red wrapping papers to create paper perfect for Valentine’s Day cards. Here are some more craft projects to use wrapping paper:

Recycled Bows


Green Gift Bows
While this project recommends magazines, you can also use small amounts of leftover wrapping paper to create colorful gift bows for next year or for other presents during the year.


Recycled Holiday Candle Wraps
Use old gift wrap to create pretty recycled paper candle wraps. These make a great handmade gift for next year.


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