Wall Design Guide for Your Home


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Sometimes, no matter how you style your own home or whatever you decide to put in it, it still wouldn’t look as stunning as you’d anticipate. You might wonder oftentimes that you’ve already place enough decors and putting more will only make the home into clutter but things are still not working right. Well, most likely the issue lies on your wall. Don’t you think it’s too simple? Or doesn’t it have some color? If you’d like to make an instant change in your home, the walls are the best option. Through accent walls, wallpapers or stencil your residence will certainly have a changed look without emptying your pockets.

I. Accent Wall

Just as what you have always desired, you want something to pop out in your own home or in one of your rooms. If decorations are not in your considerations, then accent wall is ideal for you. Accent wall are wall painted in a different way among the others. Meaning that, instead of painting the whole room with one tone, you’ll make an exception to one and paint it with a much deeper shade or a complementary color. Using color as a focal point could be very effective however when you exaggerate or overwhelm with striking colors, then your residence will certainly be a huge eye sore. Go with a solid wall that does not have windows or any openings for greater impact and set your furniture piece such as your sofa against it, making it your central point room design.

II. Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper continues to be getting increasingly well-known within the last couple of years. Yet it’s not the kind of textured wallpaper that you might keep in mind from the 19060s and 1970s. The more contemporary textured wallpaper is really sophisticated and stylish, which brings a certain degree of class to a space. The texture adds a little bit of personality also, providing a room some decor without having to use art and extras to bring out its individuality. Regardless of whether using velvet or vinyl, textured wallpaper can give your interior that extra “oomph” you’re looking for!

III. Art or Mirrors

While some chooses wallpapers or accent wall to enhance their room, there’s also people who focus on decors. The wall-decorating trend is growing immensely and quickly since a lot are getting this done to their dull walls. Home wall decor is definitely the trend thing now and many are just wanting to clear away the walls in their house or offices that are bland and don’t have the effect. Thus in case you have photos, artworks and many more, you can put and arrange them all in your art wall. You need to simply be mindful how you would place these things so that they won’t appear like a mess.

IV. Stencils

Stenciling your walls is a highly affordable undertaking that can be done yourself. Stenciling will let you create your own personalized touch to your walls and puts you in control of the size, shape and concept of your project. The local crafts and arts supply store will have a good collection of designs but browsing online gives you almost an infinite source of selections. Just simply be sure that the theme you’re considering will complement the appearance of your room.