Why Pregnancy Workouts Build Better Babies

Parents, we all need to take good care of our child. This means that since from the start, even when if they are not yet born, you have to think of their wellness. This would actually manifest in our routines and activities daily. If before, you never think of doing some physical activities, now is the time to make a change as there is life that depends on you. Motivate yourself to exercise!


pregnant woman walking

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“A 2013 study published by researchers at the University of Montreal compared the cognitive development of two groups of babies. One half was born to moms who had at least 20 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise (think: walking or jogging) three days each week; the other, to moms who were sedentary.

The researchers compared how the brains of both sets of babies responded to sound at one month of age, which is a measure of cognitive development. They found that babies born to the exercising mothers had more mature brain function — more advanced brains — than those born to the less active moms.”


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